A truly all-star cast was on-hand for SOE Austin's NY Comic-Con 2009 panel on DC Universe Online, and since we hosted the event, Ten Ton Hammer has the only full-length video coverage you'll find anywhere! Join comic book legends Jim Lee, Geoff Jones, and Marv Wolfman as they discuss the joys and challenges of re-imagining the comic book universe they've heavily influenced for an MMORPG, while DCUO developers Jens Anderson, Jared Carr, and Chris Kao handled the heavy-hitting gameplay questions.

It's all in this 21 minute DCUO panel video (click here to watch!), and Ten Ton Hammer Premium Members: be sure to log on for access to the 30-minute audience Q&A and a special video dev diary released at NYCC '09!

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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