G4tv.com is running a great bit of Paul Barnett, of Warhammer Online, giving a tour of the Mythic Entertainment building in Virginia. The video follows Paul Barnett as he gives his own spin on the zen of office design and game design.

We got the artist, the actual artist, to pick the pictures that they liked, not the ones marketing liked. Then we got them to set how big they wanted it to be, printed it on super high quality paper. Then we took it to a museum framing shop and had them all framed for a minor fortune. Then we put them higgledy-piggledy on this wall because we thought it was a much more joyous way to show off the art.

Remember the concept artwork is the beginning of the imagination. It’s when everything really starts and you’re never really going to see it, because they get turned into models and polygons and textures. But by putting it up here and showing them that we love and care for them, it shows we give a damn. It also got us a black wall which is really really cool because you’ve got that goth emo stuff side of yourself going.

Last Updated: Mar 09, 2016