PlanetSide Univer and the Auraxis Global Network will be hosting a series of live stream events from PlanetSide 2 this weekend, so if you’re not busy getting your Guild Wars 2 fix, you might want to give them a look and see what the beta for SOE’s latest project is looking like. The live streams will be hosted on the Auraxis Global Network Twitch TV channel. Additional details are available below.

  • Friday August 24th @ 8PM Central Daylight Time - Hamma will be live streaming some basic gameplay footage! There will be some short intros from Jennyboo and Hamma but overall it will just be playing the game. If you have requests be sure to drop on Web Chat or Twitch Chat and let us know. We are planning Terran Republic at this time but if you would like to see other empires hit up the comments thread.
  • Saturday August 25th @ 4PM Central Daylight Time - Hamma & Jennyboo will be doing a Live Gameplay Walkthrough! Is there something you have not seen yet in the game that you would like to see? Let us know in the comments thread and tune into the show LIVE to learn more about PlanetSide 2!
  • Saturday August 25th @ 7PM Central Daylight Time - The AGN Community Night with our usual round table will kick off! We will also bring in some live gameplay here and there to talk about.

Source: PlanetSide Universe

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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