The Mystical World of Taborea

Teaser trailer and first records recount the mythic experiences in Runes of Magic.

Berlin, 2008-06-12: First records of bygone days have just emerged from the recently announced free-to-play MMORPG Runes of Magic. For the first time Taborea, the ancient gaming world full of danger and adventure, is depicted closely therein. Simultaneously the first in-game teaser video from the fantasy online world has found its way into the net.

"They represent knowledge, they represent might. Runes are the letters used in Taborea and contain a great deal of power. He who understands their power can use them to release an ever-growing amount of force, powerful enough for complete destruction or creation of whole worlds. In the aftermath of the old kingdom's downfall, all the cumulated knowledge about the runes was almost lost forever, however this knowledge may still be obtainable."

Many stories and songs are entwined around a continent named Ygnon, its ancient secrets and remnants of the runic power. Legend has it that in this place, formerly known as "the forgotten continent", only uncivilized savages and cursed life-forms roam the earth. Allegedly impressive remains of bygone kingdoms also exist, their thick walls sheltering countless runes. Many adventurers and soldiers of fortune striving for honour and glory swarm through these ruins, but their presence does not go unnoticed. Even though their actions awake ravenous monsters and dark powers, the possibility of unimaginable wealth is just too sweet. The prospect of glory and prosperity is ceaselessly attracting daring adventurers into the core of the continent to try their luck."

The first teaser video now shows initial in-game scenes of the idyllic landscapes and magnificent cities. Players can also catch a small glimpse of a previously unknown zone. The teaser is now available for download from our FTP server and is hereby explicitly approved for publication on covermount media and on the internet.

To download, please visit Gamershell.

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016