You might have heard that there is a new free-to-play casual browser-based Star Trek game in the works from Gameforge and developer Keen Games.

The game, Star Trek: Infinite Space, is scheduled to begin its Alpha testing later this year with a tentative launch date scheduled for sometime in summer 2011.

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Star Trek is expanding its online universe with Star Trek: Infinite Space.

The game is set in the Deep Space Nine timeline, so it's a good ways away from the setting of Star Trek Online, but players will still only get to choose between the Federation and Klingon factions. But if you've been itching to learn a little bit more about the game you’re in luck because the first cinematic trailer has arrived. The trailer titles "Galaxy at War" offers a preview of the game's universe and setting as well as some entertaining Star Trek space combat. So head over to the Star Trek: Infinite Space website and see what it's all about.

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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