The years haven't been kind to many Star Wars fans. Although highly
successful, the prequel trilogy from Goerge Lucas (Episodes I-III) left
many fans of the franchise with a bitter taste in their mouth.
Continued success in the video gaming industry has kept many Star Wars
fans hopes and dreams alive, and now they have an even better reason to
become enthralled by the lore once again. For their upcoming MMO href="" target="_blank">Star
Wars: The Old Republic, BioWare put together arguably one of
the best CG trailers ever conceived by a video gaming company. The
action, voice-overs, and atmosphere are all top notch, and many
disheartened Star Wars fans are finally coming out of their stupors.
Although it doesn't showcase any gameplay, a trailer of this quality
should translate into an extremely slick original product. If you
haven't watched it yet, please take a look. It's worth it.

  • target="_blank">You can see the whole TOR E3 2009 CG trailer
    by clicking here!

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016