The second part of our footage from the Stargate celeb panel focuses on the cast and crew present from the longest running sci-fi show in television history, Stargate SG-1. Amanda Tapping talks about the transition from SG-1 to the show's spinoff, Stargate Atlantis. Producer Robert Cooper shares his vision for the future of the franchise, a future that includes Stargate Worlds. Chris Judge (Teal'C) and Ben Browder (Cameron Mitchell) tell of their plans, and Christopher shares a very... special moment with Amanda Tapping.

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  • The crew discusses filming Continuum in the Arctic circle
  • Stargate Atlantis members discuss Season 3
  • Jewel Staite on moving from Firefly to Atlantis
  • David Hewlett and Martin Wood on what's in store for Stargate Atlantis's fourth season.
Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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