Back in September, Perfect World Entertainment announced that their martial arts MMO, Swordsman, will already be seeing its first expansion. I say already because Swordsman released on July 3 of this year, so announcing an expansion two months later seems extremely fast. Some MMOs don't even release content updates this fast, but hey. If Perfect World wants to push out this much content this fast, I'm surely not one to complain. I know fans of the game won't either! Gilded Wasteland, Swordsman's first expansion, will be available to players starting October 23.

This is probably one of the best mounts I've seen in any game

With Gilded Wasteland, the level cap will increase from 89 to 94. When I was watching the new trailer, I thought I had initially heard that wrong, because the new level cap isn't your usual one. 90 or 95, sure, but 94? That's just weird stuff right there. Then again, learning that the cap is currently 89, 94 sounds less weird. This is what I get for only making it to twenty-something in beta. With this level increase also comes with adjustments to leveling, along with an improved leveling curve. This will help streamline Swordsman for new players, while offering optimizations for veterans.

Inside the new arid regions of Ping Liang, Tunhuang, and the Shadow Mountains Plains, players will go on deep expeditions far into enemy territory. Their goal will be to take the fight to the Eminence School itself, which up until now in the story, has been keeping the major schools on their back foot. With Gilded Wastelands, players will finally have a chance to fight the Eminence School straight on and let them know who the real warriors are!

With the new expansion also comes a new companion system that will heighten PvP to a whole new level by giving players pets that go beyond just vanity companions. Companions in Swordsman will have abilities, allowing them to fight alongside you as you take on new enemies and battle it out against other players. In addition to the updated companion system (that they also call new in the expansion's announcement...I promise I'm not just changing up these words for the hell of it), players will have new zones, new dungeons, an increased level cap, new weapon weapon crafting, and new PvP options to look forward to.

Spoiler alert: best part of the new trailer, hands down

With the level cap increase, anyone who's been playing Swordsman since launch will have their story continued, along with new areas to explore. Anyone new to the game will be able to enjoy a newly streamlined new player experience, which means Swordsman has something for everyone, new and well acquainted. Don't let that daunting level 94 shy you away from the game. If action-based combat is your jam, you will likely enjoy Swordsman. While it wasn't my thing (you know, because I'm a crotchety old lady who thinks tab targeting is the bees knees), the game sure is pretty. And hey, it's free to play, so there's no harm in at least downloading it to see if you'll like it, right? You just might find yourself enjoying something new! At least someone should. We all know I'm pretty set in my old ways to bother liking new things.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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