Get ready to be wowed... er, rasa'd.

When we sat down to edit 22 minutes of video footage from Producer Starr Long's demo of Tabula Rasa, we ended up with a 21 minute, 40 second video. There simple wasn't anything we could justify holding back from you, our audience, bandwidth and all. In this insightful video, you'll see up close everything that's making this late 2007 title the buzz of the beta community.

"To be sure, the title's been long in development and there were plenty of bumps along the way, but it's here, fully playable, and looking great. Starr Long goes in-depth on storyline, user interface, character creation and development, gameplay, the class structure, "ethical paradoxes", and the game's definitive hook: cloning, or the ability to save your character's progress up to the present and continue with an entirely new appearance and first name (but a shared last name - you won't leave your reputation behind with a clone!)."

Watch it right here at Ten Ton Hammer.

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016