None of that pre-rendered movie crap here.

This new trailer has lots of what looks to be like real, in-game footage of Tabula Rasa, and it looks fantastic!

Ok, here’s the MMORPG from NCsoft everyone really wants to hear about at this year’s E3: Tabula Rasa. Why should you be excited about this one? For one thing, it’s an MMORPG from Richard Garriot, the guy who pretty much popularized the genre with his other well-known title, Ultima Online. For another thing, well, just look at the trailer. This game will put you in a futuristic setting as you battle invaders on an alien world. Aside from the typical upgrades and item-collecting you’d expect from an RPG, the game will also boast fast-paced combat more akin to that of a first-person shooter. Honestly, I’ve never played any full-fledged MMORPGs, but this already looks like it may be the one to break me into them when it ships this fall.

See the trailer over at Filefront.

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016