My spy agency will be called, "The elite group of awesome spies." Yes, I'm original.

Garrett Fuller's mission - and he chose to accept it - was an
off-the-cuff video interview with Russ Shanks (COO of Sony Seattle)
and Luke Anderson (The Agency Animator) on recent progress with the

Our man Garrett had about a minute to come up with some questions for
a three minute interview between presentations at SOE's Block Party at
the San Diego International ComicCon last Saturday, and he pulled it
off admirably (other than giving Luke quite a promotion!). Luke
reveals the "operative" feature- special NPCs that perform work for
you in the background, eventually helping you to build your own
agency- and Russ shares his excitment about the upbeat, thrilling
nature of The Agency's world.

Take a look, only at Ten Ton Hammer.

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016