Gamers of the nineties, name me your favorite iso RPGs... was it something from the Ultima, Baldur's Gate, or Icewind Dale series? Maybe you're more an original Fallout fan? Or, moving forward in time a little, maybe Neverwinter Nights or Vampire: The Masquerade was your sometime obsession?

Whatever your choice, you'll probably agree that there's something uniquely awesome about wiling away a winter afternoon (and evening... and night...) enjoying a branching storyline, choosing your combat and dialogue options carefully, all while managing your party, equipment, and gameplay options across a slanty fantastical world. And you'll definitely agree that this particular PC gaming genre, along with space trading sims and flight simulators, that's didn't deserve to die.

Nor has it. Born on Kickstarter of three veteran devs who met while working on the Star Wars: The Old Republic, The Banner Saga is a coop-enabled interactive retelling of Viking lore in the glorious 2D adventure game format I just spent two paragraphs talking up. Best of all, TBS just became available for purchase, so none of that nasty waiting-around stuff.

Have a look at the trailer below and see if The Banner Saga is for you (the game is now available on Steam if it is).

Last Updated: Mar 09, 2016

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