by: Tony "RadarX" Jones and Taea

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It was a dark and stormy night. From across the far reaches of Torden Plains, a muffled message was received.

Intel reports large numbers of Nitroglazers are being dispatched to Torden Plains. Their objective is unclear; possibly flaregasher suppression, climate change, or endothermic troop destruction. It doesn’t matter. We just need those hovering bots smashed into the ground.

Ever vigilant, and heeding the call for aid, AFS troops gathered at the Mt. Hellas base.

The Intelligence that started pouring in was, typically, not very intelligent.

Unfortunately the intel group tasked with tracking these deep freezers must have sniffed too much cryogen. They’ve gone off the deep end and are only communicating in gibberish or riddles. High command doesn’t have the people necessary to replace these intel jokers so it's up to you to decipher their ravings to figure out where the nitroglazers are landing.

Troops received the cryptic messages, and went to work locating the Nitroglazer locations. One such piece of intel, "On sky ribbon cliff. Looking below, up towards teeming multitude" was quickly decoded as soldiers rushed to the Atta Colony area.

A final message appeared, "At pinnacle of pyramid of lights, is not in the past will be near," and all ran just east of the Irendas Colony Support Facility to the final spawn location near the Was Not Logos. The swarms of Nitroglazers were tough enough, but they weren't alone. Striders appeared and Juggernaughts flew in, keeping everyone on their toes. If one Juggernaught wasn't enough, then 3 were surely more fun. The fighting was non-stop and ammo supplies ran low. Luckily, the frequent deaths of soldiers facilitated easy resupply missions.

Finally, the Bane gave up. The Nitroglazers, Striders and Juggernaughts retired for the evening as peace returned to the land. Soldiers regrouped, sharing their thoughts on the experience they just had. AFS soldier Rochefort was heard to say, "It hurt. Seeing a buncha level 50 juggers drop scairt me." This battle is over, but the war continues. Rumor has it that Brann bandits were sighted in the area, and crude translation devices were discovered. Is there more to come?

Special thanks goes out to player Kole who organized this NCsoft supported event, scouting the spawn locations ahead of time and creating the cryptic clues. Was it difficult to run an event like this? Kole says, "We had no idea the number of people who would show up at the last minute, so it was trial and error to get the spawns tough enough, but not too tough." Wondering how he came up with those crazy clues? Kole tells us he put the clues into Babelfish, retranslated them back into English, and did a few touch ups before putting them up. Regarding the clue difficulty, "Some people were complaining that they were "killer hard" but I think that was what I wanted."

An event like this wouldn't be possible without help from the NCsoft team. Kole stated, "Big thanks go out to Critters. She did all the hard work in game managing the spawns. Plus she had lots of good ideas and feedback to smooth out the event game play." Not to mention Critters was in game cheering on the players. We look forward to more events like this in the future.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016