Raids are a very common part of the MMORPG landscape. Many guilds made up of new and long-time friends often band together to take on these scripted and challenging encounters all too often to be met with defeat, but through persistence and strategizing, they learn to overcome the challenges with teamwork and persistence.

Director Kevin Johnson delivers a new documentary with “The Raid” focused on the aspect of MMORPG raiding in which the crew visits with a group of World of Warcraft raiders both physically and in the virtual world to study the life of a raider and gain insight into the demands of raiding, what attracts players to the raiding life and the bonds that are formed with guild members aiming for the same goals. The documentary features interviews with a number of players, professors, psychologists and others that offer their thoughts on everything ranging from Internet addiction, to sterotypes to the social aspect of gaming and more

The full documentary premiered on yesterday and will be available through tomorrow.


The Raid website

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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