With Rift's head start set to begin next week and the March 1st launch lingering just around the corner, Trion Worlds has finally decided that it's time to show off some raid content. In a recent video, Trion Worlds producer Adam Gershowitz offers a look at some of the high end raid content waiting for players at level cap. The video begins in Stillmoor and provides a look at one of the custom 10-man raids, which players can craft special Raid Lures to begin the raid encounter. Luckily, when a raid happens, the group that begins it will still get the loot reward even if others jump in to help. So griefing won't be an issue.

10-man raids function like regular rifts but will also tell a story, culminating in a sub- boss and main boss fight, assuming players can down the bosses in the allotted time to continue the raid and story. Gershowitz uses his special GM powers to fight through one of the Life Rift raids and shows off some of the mechanics involved in the event.

After using his GM powers to conquer the 10-man raid, Gershowitz moves on to one of the 20-man raid instances known as Greenscale's Blight, which is a dynamic maze raid that shifts around as you defeat encounters. According to Gershowitz, Greenscale could take a few hours to complete for experienced groups or a few days for others. Finally, you'll get a sneak peek at the dragon of life, Greenscale.

Check out the full video at G4TV.com for a look at Rift's endgame raid content.

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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