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Power Rangers vs Mortal Kombat - Go!

Let’s kick Monday off right with a showdown between Mortal Kombat’s fiery undead ninja Scorpion as he takes on the Power Ranger’s White Ranger in a fight to the finish in today’s video. It's like the Deadliest Warrior but with more awesome.

If you’ve never watched Bat in the Sun’s YouTube channel, you should check it out if you like what I'm bout to show you. One of the channel’s regular shows is called Super Power Beatdown, which in many ways resembles the now cancelled Deadliest Warrior but with a very awesome twist. Instead of pitting history’s greatest warriors against each other and using questionable simulations to determine the winners, Bat in the Sun chooses two powerful legends from media such as gaming and comics to fight it out in an epic showdown. Each month a new showdown is chosen and added to their official website for fans to vote on. Once the votes are in and the winner is determined, Bat in the Sun creates a fantastic fight video between the two characters.

Some of Bat in the Sun's entertaining past episodes include Batman vs Deadpool, Wolverine vs Predator, Superman vs Thor, and many others. Each Super Power Beatdown episode comes in two parts with the first half featuring guests that argue in favor of their chosen character in the fight and why they believe that they’ll win. The second segment is all about the fighting. And for this episode, Bat in the Sun managed to secure Jason David Frank, who in the past portrayed the White, Black, Red, and Green Ranger in the Power Rangers series.

So it’s Scorpion vs the White Ranger in today’s video complete with catchy fight theme. Enjoy! (Fighting starts at 4:07 if you don't care for the preliminaries.)

If you enjoyed the video, be sure to cast your vote for the next fight between Halo’s Master Chief and Captain America.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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