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Call of Duty never had care packages this good.

The Sneaky Zebra crew has put out what may very well be their final video of 2013 and it’s a bit of a gem. After getting penned down in a firefight, the Sneaky Zebra boys use their special Wong-drop care package. And by that I mean they call in Freddie Wong the total badass. What follows next is a superbly shot and completely over-the-top scene mimicking some classic 90s action movies complete with cheesy puns.

If all that piqued your curiosity, enjoy today’s video courtesy of Sneaky Zebra and featuring guest appearances from both Freddie and Jimmy Wong of RocketJump.

If you enjoyed that be sure to check out more videos on the Sneaky Zebra YouTube channel.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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