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Who was that mysterious class?

Carbine Studios rolled out its final WildStar class re-reveal just ahead of the holidays today with a new DevSpeak video for the Stalker, an opportunistic stealth melee assassin equipped with retractable claws, various gadgets, and futuristic nanoskin for invisibility. And while Carbine calls the class a mesh of a ninja, Batman, Wolverine, and the Predator, they promise that it’s not overpowered. But as with all stealth classes, we can just wait for the inevitable PvP rage.

The Stalker is a class capable of dishing out heavy damage or filling the role of a tank depending on your choice of skills. But with only medium armor, it's probably best to be a tank that can move quick and dodge quicker. While nanoskin is one of the keys to the Stalker’s power, they also come with a number of skills that can limit an enemy’s mobility such as stuns, roots, tether, and others. You can see the Stalker in action in today’s video.

As is the case with all of WildStar's DevSpeak videos, the disclaimer is always amusing. In this case it features a juggling transmission of various known languages, including Klingon, apparently. Have fun with that and keep your eyes open near the end of the video for a teaser of the next class reveal, which will be one of the two final unannounced classes.

Who was that mysterious class? Feel free to speculate below. In the meantime, you can read more about the Stalker on the new official Wildstar class page.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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