Nothing keeps an MMORPG fresh like new content and this week War of the Immortals players have received a fresh infusion of new stuff to keep them busy with the launch of the Lost Omen expansion. Lost Omen adds lots of new content and an all new class - the Harbinger.

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No...not that one.

Rather than assuming direct control, this Harbinger is a scythe-wielding master of psychic and soul powers adept at controlling combat situations. But there’s a bit more than a new class in the Lost Omen expansion, players will also find the new zone of Asgard, the Proof of Divinity instance, the new King of Combat arena and more.

Check out the War of the Immortals: Lost Omen trailer after the break and the official patch notes for a look at what’s new. Sign up to play for free on the War of the Immortals website.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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