Yesterday, I mentioned that Carbine would have new news for us this week and that I recommended watching their Genesis Prime page, as I had a feeling that any information coming out would likely be updated there. Guess I was right about that, since today's press release from Carbine not only gives us an updated page, but a brand new trailer to boot. We have quite a few details for the upcoming Genesis Prime UltraDrop, which ends with a dev Q&A at the end of the page. While writing this, I received an update email from Carbine announcing this drop will be pushed live to the WildStar Megaservers next Tuesday, November 11.

The first thing we learn at the updated page is that there's a cuddly guy who goes by the lighthearted name of Phagelord Koral the Defiler. Koral comes with his own favorite toy, the Black Focus, an object that has corrupted terraformers in The Defile to his will. He plans on turning the region into a toxic wasteland, but it is up to players to take down the focus and Koral himself. Yesterday I wrote about a new world boss being added to the game in The Defile, and my money is on Koral being that world boss.

Next up is The Dread Traverse, the new public event in WildStar, where both Exiles and Dominion fight together to overcome the blight. This new event takes place in five parts. If the two factions can stop fighting long enough to team up against the Dreadwatcher and his Archfiend generals, there just might be home for the land. Attacks begin with coordinated bombing, ending with taking out the generals before facing the head hancho himself. Taking out the Dreadwatcher allows for players to enter the Lightspire, but not before earning some sweet participation loot for surviving the event.

The Lightspire: A Towering Prison for the Gods! Deep in the pulsing heart of the Grimvault, a massive minaret towers above endless plains of barren ash. At its pinnacle await the answers to the mysteries of planet Nexus. Getting there won’t be easy, but cakewalks are for bakers and pedestrians! It’s time to turn these Strain minions into Strain mignòn!

The World Story, The Nexus Saga: Episode One begins with The Defile, as well, giving a new storyline for players of all styles to join in on. The Genesis Prime will bring new quests, new small group content and new 20 man content. Solo players can enjoy the new quests and storyline. Create a small group with your friends to roam around the open world area of The Black Focus, with the Lightspire offering the five part 20-man public event. The Nexus Saga promises to be an epic, multi-part story made with solo players in mind. “Featuring: pivotal cinematics, memorable characters, branching content, and unique gameplay mechanics, the Nexus Saga will be the last word in sci-fi adventuromedy for ages 1 to 1001!” Drusera will send you on a mission to fix the shattered neutral core of the Caretaker. Doing so will allow you to not only access the deepest secrets of The Nexus Project, but send you into the depths of OMNICore-1.

Unfortunately, OMNICore-1 is being guarded by Avatus – a sociopathic facet of the Caretaker’s shattered personality. Will you survive the dangers of OMNICore-1? Or will you be painfully eradicated by Avatus along the way?

After all of that hard work of taking down evil Defilers, destroying their foci, and fighting of anything else you might come across out in The Defile, maybe you need a sweet new hat to let other adventurers know exactly where you've been? Maybe you need to get yourself a Safari Turbanator Mk 9000 and look at the height of wastelands fashion?

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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