New York City's Times Square is famous for its midnight countdowns, so it seemed to be a natural place to stage one of the biggest launch events ever. We wanted to bring you a piece of this living history, and it's all about the fans, too.

Ten Ton Hammer's Garrett Fuller works the crowd, first talking to Walter, Pete, and Todd and the front of the line (who had been waiting for 24 hours for the privilege), starting a little Horde vs. Alliance ruckus mid-line, and chatting with the fine folks at NYC WoW Meet Up, talking to two of the Blood Elf beauties (not necessarily known for their conversational abilities).

And as the clock approached midnight, we bring you all the action as the first players in North America are finally allowed to make their purchase. See it all in this ten minute exclusive video, filmed on site last night at Blizzard's Official NYC Launch Event!

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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