Zul’Aman and You
- A World of Warcraft Experience

Ten Ton Hammer Interviews
Rob Foote, Associate Producer of World of Warcraft

In online computer gaming history, there’s never
been a product as successful as World of Warcraft. With their constant
updates, free content expansions, and celebrated gameplay inventions,
Blizzard has created a game that will go down in history.

When the Ten Ton Hammer team was given the opportunity to
interview the folks behind World of Warcraft and hear about
Zul’Aman, we jumped at the opportunity. In our 13 minute
video interview with Associate Producer Rob Foote, we discuss the
intricacies of Zul’Aman (with some spoilers included), the
challenges of class balancing, and some hints towards a possible 2008

One note: Blizzard asked us not to videotape the screen, but Rob do share some interesting tips that might help you through Zul'Aman towards the end of the video. Zul'Aman is due in an upcoming patch and will be playable at BlizzCon 2007 next month.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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