Vindictus Aims to Misbehave with 1.33: Bad Behavior Update

Posted Wed, Jul 13, 2011 by Martuk

Nexon is nothing if not prompt with keeping their online action RPG Vindictus flowing with steady updates. Today marks the arrival of the game's 1.33: Episode 8 Part 1 - Bad Behavior update, which adds new battle quests for four new dungeons: Red Ruins, Remnants, Depths of Ainle and the Burnt Pumpkin Field, which ironically has vampire named Arson in it.

Players will also find new armor sets and cosmetic options. Fans that can't get enough variety in the looks of their characters even have a new option to purchase an "All Access Beauty Pass", which offers unlimited access to hair and Inner Armor options for 30 days.

Also arriving with the 1.33 update are several new in-game events that include: the Stone Blessings, Weapons Drawn and 2x Expertise events. The events start today and will continue at varied times throughout July 26th, 2011. A full description and availability of each event is available on the Vindictus website.

Be ready for a fight the next time you log in. Rumors of a rebellion are afoot in the fortress of Ortel Castle. Players will be tasked with investigating these rumors and finding out who the traitor behind it all really is. Check out the official update page for all the 1.33 details and follow along after the break for a look at two of the challenges that await you in the latest Vindictus update.

Source: Vindictus 1.33: Bad Behavior Update Page



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