Video of the Day: Black Gold’s Chambers of Greed

Posted Thu, Dec 05, 2013 by Martuk

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Traps, elite monsters, loot, and hostile players - What could go wrong?

Black Gold Online
takes a page out of Dark Age of Camelot’s playbook for their Chambers of Greed content. If that caught your attention, here’s the pitch. The Chambers of Greed are instance pockets hidden around the world. Each one requires a trigger to enter, and that can be as simple as approaching it or slaying a monster. But once inside, that’s where the fun begins.

The Chambers of Greed are free-for-all instances filled with opportunities to gain loot. The catch is that you’ll have to navigate traps, kill elite monsters, and avoid players of the opposing faction to get them. Yes, the instances in some ways resemble DAoC’s Darkness Falls, which probably just made a few of you giggle with glee. So It’s certainly possible that multiple teams from opposing factions could be there to derail your plans to fatten your loot bags.

Sound like fun? Take a peek at it in today’s video.

You can read more about the Chambers of Greed on the Black Gold website.

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