Video of the Day: Pathfinder Online Q3 Milestone Video

Goblinworks serves up a new milestone video filled with in-game footage from their upcoming Pathfinder Online MMORPG.
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Paizo will be pleased.

Like many others, IÂ’ve been keeping my eyes on GoblinworksÂ’ upcoming Pathfinder Online MMORPG. But video footage of the game has been pretty scarce. After all, it just finished its successful Kickstarter back in January. So until now weÂ’ve only had very small glimpses at gameplay, most of which came from the original demo. But that changes today.

Goblinworks recently posted its Q3 Milestone video update, which contains a video fly-through of some of the gameÂ’s areas along with character models, armor, and a bit of additional gameplay. You can take a look at how Pathfinder Online has progressed thus far in todayÂ’s video.

Pathfinder Online Q3 2013 Update from Ryan Dancey on Vimeo.

Are you looking forward to Pathfinder Online? Tell us below and be sure to visit the Goblinworks website to learn more.

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