War Thunder Deploys to Steam

Posted Thu, Aug 15, 2013 by Martuk

War Thunder is making a few waves with its multiple platform expansion and Oculus Rift support. The game will be headed to the PlayStation 4 after it launches later this year, but this week the military war game makes its debut on Steam. Coinciding with its official Steam release today, Gaijin Entertainment revealed a new exclusive Steam content pack currently priced at a discounted $18.74 and contains two single player campaigns, 30 days of premium account access, 1700 Golden Eagles (in-game currency), two premium airplanes (XP-38G and A6M5 Ko “Zero”), and the Steam exclusive P-36A “Hawk” fighter.

“Earlier this year, the amazing community on Steam was gracious enough to support War Thunder and help get us approved. Even though War Thunder currently has more than 3 million players in Open Beta, the best way to achieve success in the PC gaming industry is to have the support of the Steam community and we are glad to be a part of it. We look forward to growing the War Thunder brand and Steam is the next important step in this process,” said Anton Yudintsev, CEO, Gaijin Entertainment.

You can visit the War Thunder Steam page to play the game for free or pick up the exclusive pack if you want a little something extra to get started.

Source: Gaijin Entertainment Press Release


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