Currency Unification Update Goes Live for Warhammer

Mythic unclutters Warhammer Online’s RvR currencies by unifying them into a new single currency.

Warhammer Online received a new update today to simplify the RvR currency system. All currencies have been merged down into a new single currency called the War Crest, which will now be used to purchase newly priced items from all RvR vendors. The new currency can be stacked up to 2,500 per stack. Anything that flows over your currency bag will land in your inventory.

To help facilitate the change, new currency exchange NPCs have been added to that will allow players to exchange their old currency for the new currency at the following rates:

  • 5 War Crests for 1 Warpforged/Doomflayer/Captain
  • 4 War Crests for 1 Royal
  • 3 War Crests for 1 Warlord
  • 2 War Crests for 1 Invader
  • 1 War Crest for 1 Conqueror/Officer
  • 1 War Crest for 125 Recruit

Additionally, a number of changes have been made to merchants and items with the update. Check out the patch notes for all the details.

Source: Warhammer 1.4.8 Patch Notes

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