New World of Warships Images Preview the Vessels of War

Wargaming unveils a new batch of images that shines a light on the war vessels of World of Warships.

Wargaming has been pretty quiet about its naval warfare game World of Warships as of late, but this week the developer of the “World of” war trilogy that involves everything from tanks to planes to ships, has revealed a new batch of images to preview some of the vessels of war. The new images offer a look at some of the vessels in the game as well as a peek at the New Mexico battleship.

Check out the latest batch of images below and visit the World of Warships website to learn more.

WoWS_Vessels_01 WoWS_Vessels_02 WoWS_Vessels_03
WoWS_Vessels_04 WoWS_Vessels_05 WoWS_Vessels_06
WoWS_Vessels_07 WoWS_Vessels_08
WoWS_Renders_New_Mexico_Secondary_Gun_Eng WoWS_Renders_New_Mexico_Masts_Eng WoWS_Renders_New_Mexico_Main_Caliber_Gun_Eng

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