WildStar Burst: Beginners Guide and Resources

Updated Thu, Jun 19, 2014 by Lewis B

With the first pre-order Beta Weekend right around the corner (less than 48 hours but who’s counting?) I thought it might be helpful to pull together a guide for players who’ve never played WildStar, so that their experience on Nexus isn’t one of complete confusion. 


Races and Factions

There are a total of 8 races in WildStar split equally across 2 factions: Exiles and Dominion. As far as races are concerned, there’s no difference in how any of them play or benefits to choosing one over the other. You aren’t at an advantage for choosing a small race over a big one, as they all have the same hit boxes. When it comes to aesthetics however, they’re all notably different and it all boils down to personal preference (we all know Exiles suck!). 

On paper the Exiles are the airy fairy bunch who like bright colours and lovely landscapes, while the Dominion are cold killers who like nothing more than to bask in the blood of their enemies in the harsh deserts of Nexus. Ahem. Although its not that simple from a story standpoint, both races do offer unique starter areas to play in while they both have their own unique capital cities and infrastructures. The races are:



  • Human
  • Granok
  • Mordesh
  • Aurin



  • Cassian
  • Mechari
  • Drakken
  • Chua


There are a total of 6 classes in WildStar and the first thing you’ll need to do is select one. All classes are capable of being damage focused, but they are also split between Tanking and Healing. The Esper, Medic and Spellslinger can heal while the Stalker, Engineer and Warrior can tank. As far as your early levels are concerned, the need to heal or tank is negligible but as you progress (post 15+) it’s definitely something you need to consider. The ability to heal yourself in a fight does make leveling somewhat easier but all classes are fun and powerful in a PvE environment. The official WildStar page is slim on the details when it comes to classes, so we’ll help you out. 

The Healers and Damage Dealers



The Esper is your more traditional spellcaster. Capable of dealing massive damage from afar it's heavily sought after for not only its damage but healing capabilities. Unlike other classes which have free movement with their starting skill, an Esper does not. You’ll have to remain stationary when attacking with Telekentic Strike which means there’s a tactical element to your play and a need to position yourself properly. An Esper’s primary mechanic are “Psi Points” which you generate when using your skills: you can then unleash these to use your powerful attacks. 


  • Capable of dealing high single and multi-target damage
  • Highly sought after healer
  • Able to attack players with temporary pets 
  • Has a significant range advantage


  • Lacks the mobility of Spellslinger
  • Their basic attack prevents you from moving
  • Light armor wearer so can die easily
  • Psi-Blade isn’t used as a physical weapon



The Spellslinger is a popular class, primarily because it’s pretty bad ass. Wielding two pistols and capable of vanishing Into the Void, they’re a slippery class to fight against and a lot of fun to play. It isn’t all easy with the Spellslinger however as you need to know how to kite well to survive. During the early levels things are a little difficult until you get hold of skills such as Gate and Into the Void. Spellslingers deal excellent damage and make pretty good healers while their primary mechanic, Spellsurge, offers a boost to your skills damage as and when you need it. 


  • Exceptional mobility
  • Capable of slowing and rooting multiple targets during early levels
  • Good range and damage
  • Makes for an excellent single target or small group healer


  • Relies heavily on kiting opponents to survive
  • Can be killed easily due to wearing light armor
  • Very popular
  • Difficult to play well due to the need to kite, manage cool downs and control your Spellsurge



The Medic is an exceptional class and one that is capable of dealing huge amounts of damage while still healing its party members. During the early levels they’re harder to level than the likes of the Esper or Spellslinger, but once you reach level 15 they sky rocket in power and potential. Their area of effect healing and close quarter combat make them challenging to play as but very powerful if in the right hands. Although they get focus fired quite easily in PvP they can survive for long periods due to several and very handy escape skills. 


  • Large area of effect attacks and heals
  • Powerful group healing
  • Has some useful mobility skills to get in and out of combat
  • Wears medium armor so isn’t as squishy as the Esper or Spellslinger


  • Often focus fired in PvP due to their healing and damage potential
  • Relies entirely on building Actuators to use your skills
  • Needs to be in the the thick of combat to be effective
  • Has no viable ranged attack options

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Thu, Jun 19, 2014
Lewis B
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