Carbine Drops the 411 on WildStar Guilds

Updated Thu, Jan 23, 2014 by Martuk

Carbine hasn’t been too forthcoming about what they have planned for Guilds in WildStar, but that drought of information ends this week. This week’s WildStar update is all about guilds and some of the basics stuff that Carbine will be adding along with a few other things to spice up the system.

One thing that really bugs me with many MMOG launches is that often times the guild system are either bare basics or ignored all together beyond the ability to form one. Guild Wars 2 (GW2) and RIFT are just a couple of MMORPGs that have gotten this right for launch in recent years, and WildStar is aiming to get its name on the list.

The basics are in. Guilds will be able to form up and have access to a guild vault complete with withdrawal limits and re-nameable tabs. Guild ranks will be customizable and the leadership can even levy a guild tax to take 5% of member loot to contribute to the guild coffers. So that’s the basics, but how about the new stuff?

To help better define a guild beyond the traditional tabard, WildStar guilds will instead be able to create a Guild Holomark, which can be projected on a character's back, shoulders, above the head, or using a combination of any of those.

In WildStar, guilds will be able to create a Holomark: a holographic emblem projected in the air around, or above the character. You can set the various elements of the logo (we've got 65 inner and 65 outer designs at launch, which means around 4225 possible combinations at launch), and then each player can decide where they want to display it on their character. Snazzy!

Guilds can earn influence in one way – by having guild members play together. The more guild members in a group, the faster the influence flows. Influence can be spent on perks that can offer guild-wide buffs, consumable guild items, and additional bank slots, similar to the GW2 system.

And that's what Carbine has offered up so far. Maybe there will be more to the system guild system before its official release. It’s nice to see that WildStar isn’t planning to launch with a skeleton guild system at least.

Source: WildStar on Guilds

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