Carbine Explains the WildStar Game Jam

Game design is a lot of long hours and tricky business. This week’s WildStar Wednesday offers some insight into the process.

The business of game design is one filled with lots of work hours and typical weeks of hair-pulling insanity. This week Carbine takes fans behind the curtain to see what a typical week in the life of a WildStar game designer is like. Along with the usual 40-60 hour work week filled with game tweaks, content design, bug squashing, and other bits of insanity, the devs also indulge in a little “Game Jam” on the weekends from time to time. Game Jams as described by the blog is a chance for the devs to stretch their legs creatively and try new design ideas that may not usually be part of the weekly work routine.

In short, Game Jams are a chance for the teams to come in and try something new for a change to break up the monotony of a normal work day and maybe even make something new and fun artistically or mechanically. If you’re curious to learn more, check out the full WildStar Wednesday to learn all about the developer Game Jam sessions.

Source: WildStar Wednesday: Game Jam

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