Carbine Releases WildStar Beta Patch Notes Following Leak

Posted Tue, Apr 16, 2013 by Martuk

In any MMORPG beta there will always be one constant - somebody, somewhere is going to leak details about the testing. Those details may be in the form of videos, screenshots, in-game experience, or in the case of WildStar more recently the official beta patch notes.

Carbine Studios Community Manager Troy "Aether" Hewitt recently posted the leaked patch notes in an official capacity after a beta player leaked them to the public, something that won't be done on a regular basis so enjoy. Hewitt also took the opportunity to discuss Carbine's stance on open discussion about game issues during testing, and the trust & social contract with WildStar's testers.

Head over and read the full message and beta patch notes for yourself, but keep in mind that WildStar is still in beta and the game design will remain in flux as time goes on.

Source: WildStar Patch Notes and Message


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