WildStar Hangs with the Cassians

Carbine Studios introduces fans to the arrogant and snobbish highborn of the cassian race, Malvolio.

Few things in WildStar are as prideful, self-important, or self-absorbed as a cassian. We first got a peek at the Dominion and its races last week. This week the team over at Carbine Studios took some time to introduce what may be the snobbiest man in the galactic Dominion, Malvolio of the cassians.

Q: Okay. How would you describe the Cassians' role in the Dominion?

A: Well! I don't mean to toot our proverbial horn, but the Dominion would absolutely fall to ruin without the wisdom, intelligence, and exemplary leadership of my people.

Check out the full comical in-character interview with Malvolio to find out just how deep his arrogance runs.

Source: WildStar – Meet the Cassians

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