WildStar Introduces the Engineer and a New Comic

WildStar introduces its final class with the Engineer and unveils a new Tales from Beyond the Fringe comic.

Drumroll please – WildStar serves up a new DevSpeak video to profile the Engineer, a heavy-range tank class described as Inspector Gadget in a monster truck. What could possibly go wrong with that combination?

The Engineer comes equipped with heavy armor, launchers, bots, and an exosuit. The Engineer can use his various bots to aid in tanking, healing, crowd control, or damage. Each of the bots has its own special ability, so you can fit them all into your playstyle of choice. If that sounds like fun, pay a visit to the new Engineer class page for more details.

In addition to the shiny DevSpeak video below, Carbine also revealed their latest installment to the Tales from Beyond the Fringe comic series dubbed The B-Team. Take a look at the first part of the new comic here.

Sources: Carbine Studios Press Release

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