WildStar Wednesday Boards the Dominion Arkship Destiny

Chosen members of WildStar’s Dominion find out how they’ll be reaching their new home on Nexus aboard the Arkship Destiny.

This wee WildStar Wednesday boards the Arkship Destiny, the jewel of the Dominion, to show players of the Dominion faction what awaits them after a long cryosleep journey to Nexus. Once you’ve been thawed out and are no longer a Chua popsicle, you’ll have the chance to explore the ship and meet some of the Dominion’s more prominent members and take part in some of the arkship’s many facilities.

"As a loyal citizen of the Dominion, it will be your duty to spread the word of the Vigilant Church to any species you may encounter upon the planet Nexus. To aid you in your divine obligations, the Destiny is fully-appointed with a beautiful, full-service church to see to your every spiritual need."

Read all about what’s on board in this week’s WildStar Wednesday.

Source: WildStar Wednesday – Dominion Arkship Destiny

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