WildStar Wednesday Interviews a Tester

Posted Wed, Jan 09, 2013 by Martuk

This week Carbine Studios took a number of community questions and submitted them to a tester of the Friends & Family testing phase as the subject of this week’s WildStar Wednesday. The answers reveal some of the good and bad things experienced during the testing of WildStar.

Bkmiller428: What feature causes you the most grief?

Double Jump is one of my favorite features that are also the one that gives me the most grief. While in combat and traveling through the world, jumping and double jumping are extremely useful and responsive. However, there are challenges that require precision jumping. Some of the jumps have to be made with the double jump feature. The issue is the lack of precision control in the jump and the landing.

What seems like it would actually be easier to control because you can change direction in the air, is actually difficult, at least for me, due to constantly overcompensating for the responsiveness. Tiny movements can get interpreted as a dodge; landing can have a momentum that will carry you past your intended landing pad. It is easily overcome with practice and possibly some adjustment to the feature functionality, but currently it has made me extremely frustrated in trying to complete some outstanding but difficult challenges.

Check out the full Q&A to learn more about the WildStar’s classes, mechanics, and what may be the hardest thing to master.

Source: WildStar Wednesday: Interview with a Tester

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