WildStar Wednesday: Yes, We’ll Have UI Addons

Lead Software Engineer Jon Wiesman promises a “clear and accessible” UI addons process in this week’s WildStar Wednesday.

Good news for UI addon fans and creators. In the latest WildStar Wednesday, Lead Software Engineer Jon Wiesman talks about his past work on UIs and his decision to provide an effective means for WildStar fans to use and create their own addons.

Obviously, not every player will have the desire to develop Addons, but if you can program at all, I promise you'll be able to make an Addon for our game. Our commitment is to make sure the process is documented, clear, and accessible. Promise.

Learn more about WiesmanÂ’s take on UI addons in this weekÂ’s WildStar Wednesday.

Source: WildStar Wednesday: Yes, WeÂ’ll Have UI Addons

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