World of Darkness Creative Director Talks Emergence and Mainstream MMOG Design

Posted Tue, Apr 24, 2012 by Martuk

Information out of CCP’s World of Darkness MMOG development is still trickling out rather slowly, but Creative Director Reynir Hardarson recently took some time to speak with Gamasutra and offer some of his thoughts on mainstream MMOG design, and explain how World of Darkness will differ.

Hardarson discusses CCP's focus on designing for emergence gameplay by giving power to the players and accuses developers of mainstream MMOGs of making "massively single player" games and failing to embrace the desire of players to play together. Hardarson goes on to explain that World of Darkness is very EVE-inspired, and that the team is designing the sandbox game to be as deeply political as EVE, while still making it more accessible to new players by adding “theme park” PvE elements to draw players in and get them interested in joining the larger sandbox gameplay.

But when it comes to the emergent, backstabbing sandbox play that powers EVE's success, "We will entice you to join -- there is pressure on everyone, because everyone's valuable," says Hardarson.

Read the full interview at Gamasutra for more. Be sure to check out our World of Darkness in-game footage video from EVE Fanfest 2012 for a peek at what CCP is working on.

Source: World of Darkness is CCP's bid for the MMO mainstream


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