World of Tanks - Six Tips For Survival

With the long-running beta finally coming to a close, perhaps now is the best time for you to get into World of Tanks and get a feel for the game.  Early on, tanks are researched quickly and are quite affordable, and upkeep costs on your metal machines are also low.  So if you’re interested in experiencing a fresh take on World War II with elements of both realism and action, you should probably know a thing or two before you start driving your tank! These six simple rules will prolong your life exponentially, and give you more potential killing blows on your foes.

Rule #1 – Never lead the charge.

This is the quickest way to waste your time and get blown apart in the game.  You get a good amount of experience and credits for being the first to spot people, but you also are the first to be shot at by those people.  And early on, the tanks have little to no armor thickness or sloping, so a few tank shells will ruin your day from any angle.

There is a time to lead the charge, and that time is when the guy in front of you is dead and you just happen to be the next one in line.  Otherwise, never!

Note the defensive setup my comrade and I have going here.  Anyone who dares try and take the hill is met by both our guns before they can even get a shot off.  With some luck and aim, we can blow off their tracks before they can even angle their tank and turret to shoot on us!

Rule #2 – Never assault an entrenched tank.

If the enemy is using a low profile tank behind a hill, don’t even bother going after him.  By the time you drive over that hill and get your tank over the incline so you can start lining up a shot, he’s already gotten a direct hit and reloaded a second round.  If you’re on opposite sides of a building, the first person to make their front end known will likely lose.

Rule #3 – Never show your rear.

Not only is this the most fragile location on 99% of tanks, it’s also a vulnerable spot for ammo racks, fuel tanks, and starting horrendous fires.  Even if you have an enemy behind you that you’re putting shots on,  rotate your tank around while rotating your turret just the same to keep the heat on and make yourself less vulnerable to their return fire.

Rule #4 – Never stay in one place for too long.

Even if you’re surrounded by cover and foliage, rest assured that someone has seen your shot whiz by and knows where you are.  Rest assured also that if there is an artillery unit in the game, it is bearing down on your position and about to fire the killing blow.  Unless your position is behind a building or otherwise sturdy wall, you are not safe, and if someone spots you a hail of shells is likely to come your way if you’re in the open.

We've charged the map and now we're force to hunker down behind a sturdy building.  This way artillery can't bear down on us very well, and we cover each other's sides and rear.  A slugfest will go much better when you can take cover between shots, and incoming fire is hitting the front of your tank!

Rule #5 – Never attempt a capture without overwhelming force.

The capture points of this game are purely in the open, and vulnerable from any angle.  Specifically ,if an artillery unit is still alive, it will blow you apart without fail.  If a Tank Destroyer is alive, it’s going to immediately turn and blow your tracks off and let you rot while it reloads the killing blow.  Only go for a capture in the event of a huge push routing the enemy’s side of the map, or if the enemy has ditched its defensive position for all-out offense.

Rule #6 – Never go down a path alone.

You might enjoy driving along the edge of the map, thinking of all of the juicy rear ends you’ll be blasting to pieces in a minute, but the moment you’re spotted, it’ll look like a scene from Metal Gear—everyone will see you and line up shots on you within seconds.  The times a tank can win a battle outnumbered and outgunned are virtually nil, and even less so if the enemy artillery decides to rotate its support fire to your location.

Keeping these simple rules in mind as you conquer the battlefield will lead to a lot more kills, infinite more survivability, and in the end more credits and experience earned.    While the death penalty of this game is minor and costs you little time, earning more money and getting more kills is far more fun than having  to constantly rejoin the queues!

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