Discovering the Unknown: WoW Easter Eggs

Easter eggs are everywhere.
Easter eggs are everywhere. No I am not talking about those bright and colorful dyed eggs that make their appearance via the Easter Bunny. The Easter eggs I refer to are hidden messages, jokes, and other tidbits that feature in places such as books, CDs, computer games, web pages, and other media outlets. The only thing these Easter eggs have in common with those delivered by the infamous Easter Bunny is that both are hidden, and in order to enjoy them they must be found.

The term Easter egg was coined by Atari after they discovered one of their programmers, Warren Robinett, had left a secret message in the game Adventure. However this claim to the name Easter egg is perpetuated by none other than Warren Robinett himself, so where the name came from and who first used it remains a heated debate. Easter eggs such as the one described above are usually fun and lighthearted however in recent years due to the increase in security threats some companies forbid the use of any software containing Easter eggs.

With that in mind if your company is one of the above mentioned that do not allow software with Easter eggs for security reasons, you will be disappointed to find out that World of Warcraft is littered with Easter eggs. Not that you should or would be playing WoW at work anyways….right? While there are tons of Easter eggs hidden throughout WoW ready and waiting for the adventure seekers among us, I have narrowed down the list to seven of my personal favorites. So here they are in all their Easter eggy glory. Enjoy!

The Children of Goldshire

North of Goldshire in a house that appears to be home to the skinning and leatherworking trainers something more sinister lurks. If you dare venture to the second floor you will find six seemingly innocent  children. Upon first glance these children seem harmless enough, but take a closer look and the children’s dark secret will be revealed. The children are forming the shape of a pentagram.. Stay long enough and you will be treated to an eerie warning “You will die” from a familiar voice. It is rumored that the children do occasionally leave the house, always walking in a pentagram formation, and have sometimes been spotted just outside Stormwind.


Chickens in WoW are everywhere, usually around human settlements where they run around and basically fade into the background. It appears that those annoying chickens  are more useful than previously thought. First head to either Farmer Saldean in Westfall (Alliance) or William Saldean in Brill (Horde) and purchase the [Special Chicken Feed] they have for sale, you will need it later. Find  any chicken and select it but be sure not to accidentally kill it as tempting as that may be. Check to see if your "view low level quests" option is enabled and then /cheer at the chicken followed by /chicken. After a few seconds the chicken will look at you expectantly and become friendly. You should also notice that the chicken now offers you a quest to retrieve it some chicken feed. Any nearby player may get the quest while the chicken is active. Since you have already purchased the food simply complete the quest and the chicken will transform itself into an egg. Loot the egg to free the chicken and get your very own Westfall Chicken pet to add to your collection.

Challe’s Home for Little Tykes

Challe's may be more than it seems.
Deep in the hills between Nagrand and Zangarmarsh is a very special orphanage. Created as a haven for the parentless children of both factions this orphanage is run by Challe, a troll female, who stands guard outside. Challe’s is unlike the other orphanages in WoW because it is only here that you can get your first glimpse of the only known Tauren, Troll, and Night Elf babies in game. There are also several children romping outside. Perhaps there may be something more sinister behind Challe’s orphanage, for if you explore behind the hut containing the infants you will find cages of various sizes. One of which seems to hold the bones of a very small person. Is Challe making a meal out of her small wards? You decide.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Cowabunga dudes!
Who didn’t love the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles when they were younger? It seems that there is at least one fan amongst the Blizzard developers as well. Deep in the Underbelly of Dalaran near a pile of old bottles filled with green goop you may see something surprising. What may look like just another bunch of random critters is more than it seems. If you look closely you will find the a level 80 rat surrounded by four level 1 turtles, in what can only be a reference back to this classic from the past.

Caylee Dak

It cannot be said that Blizzard doesn’t have heart, as the

Caylee and her faithful companion Dusky.
game is scattered with memorials of all types. One of my personal favorites can be found on Aldor Rise in Shattrath City. There is no gravestone, or fancy plaque here, instead here resides Caylee Dak a level 70 elite quest giver. In a mismatched set of gear, this quest giver is indeed more than she seems. Caylee is named after Dak Krause who died of leukemia in August of 2007. In remembrance of this player Blizzard placed an exact replica (including his gear and his pet Dusky) of Caylee, Dak Krause’s real in game character, Caylee is part of a quest that begins in Stormwind City where a little girl Alicia asks you to deliver a poem to her friend Caylee. If you take the time to read the poem it is quite lovely, but ultimately about death.

Nova Shrine

The final resting place of Starcraft Ghost.
Another memorial of a different type can be found in the strange land of Netherstorm. Just south of the Arklon Ruins on a small floating island only reachable by flying mount lays some very Starcraftesque looking minerals, accompanied by a strange blue stone resembling a Draenei tombstone. On the tomb itself flashes the letters N, O, V, and A. What you are looking at is the memorial to the game Starcraft: Ghost which was discontinued. May it rest in peace.

Deeprun Tram

Some say  in the depths of the subterranean lake housing the Deeprun Tram lurks a monster of epic proportions. If you are brave enough to venture into the tram tunnel alone, keep a close eye out and you may get more than you bargained for. Along with various objects

including treasure chests, shipwrecks, and other odds and ends resides a very strange and elusive creature named Nessy. Nessy is a threshadon beast and is inaccessible to players, making the beast unkillable even if you manage to get inside the dome.The question remains as to if Nessy is a mere relative of the Loch Ness Monster, or if Loch Ness and the subterranean lake surrounding the Tram somehow connect making Nessy the infamous Lock Ness Monster.

I hope you have enjoyed these Easter eggs, and will seek them out to view them for yourself first hand.  I feel like they add a little extra something to the game. Many more are to be found throughout the game for those willing to seek them. Feel free to join us on the forums to share your favorite WoW Easter eggs.

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