Four Great WoW Comics to Get Your LOLs On

The World of Warcraft phenomenon has inspired everythin
The World of Warcraft phenomenon has inspired everything from poems, to songs, to clothing lines. So it’s not surprising that there are a myriad of WoW based web comics out there for your personal viewing pleasure. A simple Google search for WoW comics will provide the searcher with seemingly endless pages of results. If you get around to browsing the various comics out there you will find that they are as varied as the people who play World of Warcraft, and as such there is a little something out there for everyone.

While it is true that there is a WoW web comic out there for just about anyone, searching for and actually finding the perfect comic to fit your particular type of humor can turn out to be a difficult and daunting task indeed. I have several personal favorites myself, and while I sometimes neglect to check them out on a regular basis they are always great for when I need an extra laugh. So without further adieu here are some of my favorite WoW web comics on parade:

Penny Arcade 

Well drawn with witty creative humor, this comic produced by Jerry Holkins and Mike Krahulik is probably one of the most popular web comics online and for good reason. Featuring Holkin’s and Krahulik’s comic doppelgangers the comic takes aim at various games across the spectrum, pulling it’s humor from every aspect of the gaming experience. Don’t be put off by the coverage of other games, as the humor is  pretty universal and easy to understand even if you have never played the featured game. Penny Arcade also had the distinct honor of creating numerous illustrations that were featured in the World of Warcraft strategy guide. My favorite Penny arcade comic to date has to be "The Diplomatic Route". Penny Arcade posts new comics every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and is definitely worth checking out.

The Daily Blink 

Created by two WoW players (Chris and CP) this web comic is full of WoW based satire. All the comics are created to look like they came straight from the pages of a newspaper or magazine, and for those of you scratching your heads and going “What the heck are those?” newspapers and magazines are those things made of paper that people used to use for news and entertainment before the invention of the interwebs. While the humor here is certainly not the LOL rolling on the ground laughing so hard you scare your cat variety, I find that with the wry humor and attention to detail one can’t help but be drawn in. Check out "Why St. Patrick's Day should be a WoW Holiday" one of my favorite TDB comics, and if you find you enjoy it new TDB comics are posted Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays.

Looking for Group

The design of this web comic reminds me very much of a regular comic book that you would purchase off your local book stores shelves. This comic follows the misadventures of Cale’Anon, a very unusual Blood Elf Hunter, and Richard an Undead Warlock determined to be as evil as possible, as well as their companions. While the humor is still there (thanks largely in part to the antics of Richard) it has become more intermittent since the start of the comic, however I still feel it’s worth the read. The story and characters are interesting and dynamic, the comic itself is very well drawn and pleasing to the eye, and the humor when present is usually enough to make me snort out loud. My personal favorite moment in the adventures of Richard and Cale’Anon happens moments after their first encounter, needless to say hilarity ensues. Check for new updates for this comic every Monday and Thursday, however I would suggest to fully enjoy this comic you need to start at the beginning and work your way up.

Torment of the Week

If you’re looking for a comic with a hand drawn look that is based off real players experiences in game then this is defiantly the comic for you. Follow the misadventures of Xandaria, Solstia, and Azarizotza through various harebrained situations throughout the lands and dungeons of World of Warcraft. While this comic is lacking in the more refined humor of the other comics listed here, it speaks to me nonetheless. I think perhaps it’s easy to imagine myself and a group of my friends finding ourselves in similar situations. Many of the comics found on Torment of the Week come with their own personal blurbs giving the reader insight into the events that eventually inspired that particular comic. Overall this comic has a very “homey” feel; it’s grainy, grity, and real and I like it. My personal favorite comic from this site is entitled “High Roller”, because I am convinced that my wife has let me die in game as a form of revenge. I guess I should have listened when she told me payback is a….well you know.

If what you’re looking for in a WoW web comic is not here, don’t be discouraged, chances are it’s out there waiting for you to discover it. If you’re not exactly sure what type of comic suits your fancy head over to the official World of Warcraft website and check out the fan made comics there, it should give you a general idea of what makes you giggle. Or if you’re so inclined join us on our forums and share your favorite web comic with me and the rest of our readers, because everyone needs a good LOL.

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