WoW Advice with Witch Doctor Zuv’jin (and Friends)

Witch Doctor Zuv’jin, the self proclaimed guru of love, is back and in order to better answer all your WoW related questions he has brought along a few friends.

Witch Doctor Zuv’jin, the self proclaimed guru of love, is back and in order to better answer all your WoW related questions he has brought along a few friends. So without further adieu we here at WoW Advice with Witch Doctor Zuv’jin are pleased to introduce you to the newest members of the crew: Lady Calihye Moonsong, Elder Nyun Wingar,  and Tor’Gall.

Lady Calihye is a lovely Blood Elf who hails from proud Silvermoon City where she makes her living as a hired sword to protect caravans traveling to and from Silvermoon. As well as being skilled with the sword, Lady Calihye is also versed in magic of both the arcane and divine. As a hired sword Lady Calihye has seen much of Azeroth, including dungeon and raid zones. After a recent falling out with several merchants in Silvermoon Lady Calihye has taken leave of the city and due to her great knowledge has been taken under the wing of Witch Doctor Zuv’jin.

Elder Nyun Wingar is the oldest living human in the known world. He makes his home on the streets of Stormwind, begging for silver from passerby. While Elder Nyun is a tad bit hard of hearing, and can come off as rather insane at times, his knowledge is surprisingly great. Versed in the mysterious lore of the land Elder Nyun may be one of the last surviving people who really remember the true history of Azeroth. For this reason Witch Doctor Zuv’jin has taken him in off the streets to answer your lore based questions.

Tor’Gall is a two headed (left head is Tor, right head is Gall) Ogre that Witch Doctor Zuv’jin unfortunately ran into some years ago. Thankfully Zuv’jin kept his wits about him and was able to talk Tor’Gall into a state of confusion before he managed to smash him into Troll pulp. Since then Tor’Gall has followed Zuv’jin near and far carrying equipment and serving as Zuv’jin’s personal body guard. Recently, however, Tor’Gall has taken to the notion that he should be included in the answering of questions. With no real knowledge Tor’Gall probably won’t be much help to anyone, but really who says no to giant Ogre when they make a demand, especially while carrying around one of those nasty clubs. It should be noted that Tor’Gall’s right head is exceptionally smarter than the left.

Now that we have met our panel, let’s get straight into the questions:

Arryan asks:
“I’m currently leveling a shadow priest, however it seems that there is greater demand for healers. Since I want to do some lower level dungeons to help in the leveling process should I spec Holy or should I attempt to heal as Shadow?”

Lady Calihye:
What a pathetic question. However I suppose I cannot really expect more from a Human. Healing is a wretched way to spend your days, and to spec Holy would only make it worse. If you ask me the only way to do things is to take them by force, whether it be by the sword or with magic. But if you must, I would suggest sticking with Shadow, the lower level dungeons can be challenging, but as long as you don’t do anything overly stupid you should be able to heal the dungeon as Shadow with ease and still have the ability to kill things quickly outside of dungeons.

Anonymous asks:
“While my girlfriend is supportive of my WoW playing, she still refuses to try it out. I would love to have her playing with me, but I can’t seem to convince her, how can I change her mind?”

Witch Doctor Zuv’jin:
Ah mon this could be a tough one. Your woman not be seeing the playin’ of games the same way you be. If you be wantin her to join you, you gotta be dedicated. Don’t be letting’ her sayin’ no get ya down mon. Make playin’ be fun and something you be wantin’ to share with her. Eventually she maybe be seein’ things a bit different. There be some bad news if this happens though mon. We all knows there be no girls on the internets, so if your woman be playin’ it won’t be long before she be be changing and you be in for a big surprise.

Morph asks:
“Is there really a hidden Mickey Mouse somewhere in Orgrimmar?”
Someone say mouse! Tor hate mice! Tor SMASH!

No Tor you no smash Mouse. Mouse be made of hard stuff. I sees it once when Zuv’jin take us to big Orc city. Orcs smell so we climbs on roof to wait. Remembers? It be in some Valley of Horror or something, near those nasty Hunter trainers. Gal would like to smash their stupid faces.

Tor hate Hunters! Tor SMASH!

Ghennis asks:
“Could the Blood Elves rejoin the remaining High Elves and reproduce to create a whole new era of High Elves?”

Elder Nyun Wingar:
What’s that sonny? Eves? What do eves have to do with lore? Ohhh! ELVES well why didn’t you say so in the first place youngster. Now I remember when some of those High Elves became Blood Elves. Hard times those were with the fall of the Sunwell and the march of Prince Arthas. I always said if that boy’s parents would have given him a few more licks with a switch he never would have went bad like he done did, but no one listens to poor old Nyun.

Now stop distracting me and let me finish, it’s almost nap time, can’t miss my nap you know. Anyhow after the fall of the Sunwell those that became Blood Elves changed in ways both physical and mental. Some might even say they are slowly becoming their own race. Now with the restoration of the Sunwell you would think they would want to go back home but the divides are too deep and as such I don’t think we will ever see the day when Blood Elf and High Elf reunite into one race. However I do think they could produce children without any trouble, if they could get that close without slicing each other to pieces. Lady Caliyhe would however like me to inform you that if the breeding of Blood Elves and High Elves ever falls from your lips again she will gladly take out your tongue. Now be a good boy and leave an old man to his rest, and next time bring some damn coins!

That’s all for this episode of WoW Advice with Witch Doctor Zuv’jin. If you have questions of your own that you would like to see answered in the next episode feel free to post them on our forums or e-mail them directly to me at [email protected].

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