Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft Crafting System Overview

An overview of the crafting system in Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft.

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Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft is the new kid on the block. The most recently announced Blizzard game, this endeavor is something a bit unexpected. However, most are more than a little interested to see it played out. As we draw closer to the beta release, new juicy tidbits of delicious information are flying out wetting our appetite for more. Most recently, we got to take a look at the crafting system that will go along with Hearthstone. Take a look at it with us in the paragraphs below:

Crafting in Hearthstone

Crafting in World of Warcraft can be a bit...tedious, especially with the various professions available and the time involved in collecting materials. Crafting in Hearthstone will be much simpler The crafting system in this game will do one thing; allow players to take cards they do not necessarily need or want and transform them into cards they do want.

Tiny Little Details

In order to craft new cards in Hearthstone you will need to take cards you don't want and break them down into Arcane Dust. Each Card will disenchant into a set amount of Arcane Dust based on its rarity. You can find a card's rarity right in the middle, demonstrated by an oval gem. A white gem on a card means Common, blue is Rare, purples are Epic, and orange gems are Legendary. This color system should be very familiar to all those who have previously played World of Warcraft.

Once you have accumulated some Dust you can then take it and craft a card from your favorite deck. Simply take the Dust, find the card you wish to create, and spend enough Dust to unlock it. Simple. Remember, as in most things, it will take a whole lot more Dust to unlock a Legendary card than it will to unlock a Common.

Hearthstone Cards

Wondering how much Dust each type of card will give you or how much Dust it will take to create a certain type of card? Here is the current breakdown of that information:

  • Common (White) – Disenchants to 5 Arcane Dust / Crafted for 40 Arcane Dust
  • Rare (Blue) – Disenchants to 20 Arcane Dust / Crafted for 100 Arcane Dust
  • Epic (Purple) – Disenchants to 100 Arcane Dust / Crafted for 400 Arcane Dust
  • Legendary (Orange) – Disenchants to 400 Arcane Dust / Crafted for 1600 Arcane Dust

Gold Cards

Gold Cards are extra special cards that you can craft using Arcane Dust. Gold cards can be created from any card in your collection. A gold card will have special (golden) alternate frame options and will also sport animated art. Golden cards can sometimes be found randomly in card packs, however, this occurrence is very, very rare. Gold cards are a living breathing status symbol for Hearthstone.

Curious to know the Arcane Dust stats behind Gold cards? Check out the breakdown below:

  • Common Gold Cards – Disenchants for 50 Arcane Dust / Crafted for 400 Arcane Dust
  • Rare Gold Cards – Disenchants for 100 Arcane Dust / Crafted for 800 Arcane Dust
  • Epic Gold Cards – Disenchants for 400 Arcane Dust / Crafted for 1600 Arcane Dust
  • Legendary Gold Cards – Disenchants for 1600 Arcane Dust / Crafted for 3200 Arcane Dust

Hearthstone Gold Card

Not a Trading Card Game

You may be wondering since Hearthstone is a card game, why you can't just trade your cards with other players to collect the cards you desire. Blizzard explains it like this; when a player opens a pack of cards they will find cards of various rarities. Common cards in these packs are impossible to trade, however, rare cards and above hold immense value. So when you finally get that rare you have been dying to have, you will probably want to keep it. However, this means that you have to keep purchasing more and more packs of cards to get other rares to trade, even if you may not want to part with them. The only other option is to dish out mad amounts of cash to purchase the cards you want or to simply go without them. This can leave players feeling discouraged and downtrodden.

Blizzard has implemented the Hearthstone crafting system to allow rare cards of all varieties to be available to players without having to wait on dumb luck. This way players can round out their decks and feel they are accomplishing something by simply putting in the work to collect Arcane Dust. Crafting seems to be a much better (and more fun!) option for everyone.

That is all the information we currently have about the Hearthstone: Heros of Warcraft crafting system. Please note that none of the information presented is final and may be changed at any time. What do you think about the crafting system version a standard trading system? Share your thoughts with us below!

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