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An overview of what the wipe of the Hearthstone beta will mean for you.


The Hearthstone beta has been going on for quite some time now and the lucky players who have received beta invites have had a great chance to try the game out. The best part of the beta is thus far no major problems seem to have presented themselves and thus far no one has had to deal with the dreaded full game wipe, even though we knew it would eventually come. That is...until now. On the 26th of September, Blizzard poster Zeriyah announced that the wipe the Hearthstone team had foreseen was incoming in the very near future. Wondering exactly what this game wipe means for you and the Hearthstone beta? Don't panic! Read on to learn all the important information you need to know about the Hearthstone beta wipe:


At the start of the Hearthstone beta the idea was put out there that eventually an entire wipe of all information would be needed. This would be essential as cards were proven to be overpowered and to make major adjustments to every aspect of the game play. Now the time has finally come to put this wipe into effect, but what does that mean for you? Much like a raid wipe in World of Warcraft, a wiping of the Hearthstone beta will reset everything. This includes gold, experience, class levels, arcane dust, unlocked cards, and every other aspect of the game you can think of. Basically, when you load up the game after the wipe it will be like loading it for the first time. You will ultimately be a brand new player, with no saved information at all. This means you will need to do the tutorial and work your way back up just like you did when you first got your beta key.

Hearthstone Store

Oh No! My Real Monies!

If you are one of the dedicated players who spent real cash money in Hearthstone you may be wondering if this total wipe will mean it will be a total loss for you as well. The answer is a resounding no. Any money you have spent to date in Hearthstone will not be a total waste. Real money spent in the game will be reimbursed back to your profile as gold. This means you can repurchase the same number of packs and Arena tickets that you already had, without investing any more money. For each real money bought card pack, you will get 100 gold. Each Arena entry bought with real money will get you 150 gold. However, with that good news in mind it is important to note that it isn't all sunshine and rainbows here. Packs purchased after the wipe will be different from the ones you purchased previously. This means it will be highly unlikely to get the same cards again. With that being said, gold garnered from real money purchased can be spent in any way you desire. This means even if the gold came from you buying card packs, you can choose to spend it on Arena entry tickets instead.

Golden Gelbin Mekkatorque

Another worry that many players may express is if their Golden Gelbin Mekkatorque card, gotten from helping to test the store, will vanish in the wipe. Once again, good news. Gelbin will be ready and waiting for you when you log back into Hearthstone. Well, at least he will be after you complete the tutorial. As soon as the player completes the battle against Illidan (who is still not prepared the second time around), you will receive the “Beta Hero” quest reward which will automatically grant you your Golden Gelbin Mekkatorque. This will also be the point at which any gold owed to you from real money purchases will appear.

Golden Gelbin Mekkatorque

Future Wipes in Hearthstone

Thankfully, we can rest assured that this may very well be the only time we have to face the dreaded wipe. While many betas wipe their beta tests clean time and time again, Hearthstone developers anticipate that only one will be needed before the official release of the game. Even better news, and even more unusual for a beta, is that any progress you make during the testing phase will transfer over to the release. In short, you get to keep all your crap, including levels, cards, and ranks. That about wraps it up concerning the upcoming wipe of the Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft beta. Are you prepared for the wipe? Do you think one wipe of the game is realistic or will we see more in the future? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!

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