Mists of Pandaria Latest Beta Patch Updates

Updated Wed, Jun 13, 2012 by Mem

Patches are no new thing when it comes to any beta and Mists of Pandaria is no exception. As we come closer to the final product, Blizzard is throwing content in left and right to be tested and polished. However, with no real patch notes to look over, determining exactly what has been added in each individual beta build can be more confusing than the Hunter weapon debate.

In the most recent patch release players were introduced to Mists of Pandaria beta build 15752. This new beta build introduced us to a host of interesting abilities, visuals, and items that are all to easily overlooked in the patch adding frenzy. Prevent this from happening by reading on below to see the most recent and exciting additions to the Mists of Pandaria beta!

Mists of Pandaria Latest Beta Patch Updates

New Loading Screens

There is no doubt that the world of Pandaria is a beautiful place, even with the giant rat-rabbits and other nasties running about. Even the instances in Pandaria are pretty. To compliment the beauty of Pandaria, Blizzard has created loading screens that are just as lovely. In the most recent patch two new loading screens have been added for our viewing pleasure:


In this newest Mists of Pandaria patch players are introduced to more than a few new achievements. Most of these deal directly with directly with Pandaria or the Pandaren race, however, a few of these new achievements will likely be linked to the Pet Battle System. The new achievements found in Mists of Pandaria Beta Build 15752 are:

  • Newbie: Raise a pet to level three.
  • R.P. Walker: Speak with Randal P. Walker in various zones of Kalimdor.
  • One Step at a Time: Complete the Crumbling Hall and the Thunder Below without taking damage from any source.
  • Roll Club: Complete the Serpent Spine roll course in 70 seconds or less.
  • Stay Klaxxi: Complete 5 Klaxxi daily quests with the following buffs (not yet determined).
Pandaren Emotes

The cute and cuddly Pandaren have gotten, if possible, even more cute and cuddly. The latest Mists of Pandaria beta patch has unleashed several new emotes for both male and female Pandaren. These new emotes include several of my personal favorites:








Be sure to get into the game and check out these new emotes and their corresponding audio for yourself! You will be sure to get more than a few laughs and a dose of cute that can only matched by the esteemed Puss in Boots.

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