Patch 5.4: Engineering Sky Golem Mount

All about the soon-to-be introduced Sky Golem Engineering mount and how to obtain it in Patch 5.4

Goblin Engineer

Engineering is one of those World of Warcraft professions that seem to always get the short end of the stick. Every now and then Engineers are thrown a few cool schematics or two, but overall those that take this profession are usually left wishing for more. However, that does not keep us from hoping for something truly awesome to fall upon this profession and really it has been too long. This stands to change in Patch 5.4 with the announcement of a brand new schematic that is bound to make Engineers everywhere squeal with glee.

Sky Golem in Patch 5.4

It has been discovered that in Patch 5.4 Engineers will be getting an early Christmas presents of sorts. This present comes in the form of a brand new schematic that is sure to pique the interest of every player. This schematic will allow the Engineer who has mastered the profession to create the Sky Golem.

The Sky Golem is, as you may already have assumed, a mount created by the Engineering profession. This mount comes to us in the form of a shredder, such as those often used by the Goblins in Stranglethorn Vale. Earlier, it had been rumored that the Sky Golem would look more like a claw from a claw machine attached to a giant propeller. It was also rumored that the official name for this mount would be the “Sky Claw”.

However, this new shredder suit model is (at least in this writer's humble opinion) so much better. Not only does the shredder suit look better suited to the Engineering profession, the over all feel of the model gives us the profession that this mount has been put together with nuts and bolts. Which, as we know, is the essence of the Engineering profession in World of Warcraft. The Sky Golem comes in four different color combinations and each of these colors looks pretty good on the mount.

At one point in time it was believed that the Sky Golem would be able to haul more than one player. This cannot be confirmed and at this point in time we must assume that only one player will be able to make use of this mount. However, we can turn those frowns upside down when we note that this mount will finally allow someone other than Druids to pick herbs from the skies without ever dismounting.

Wondering what the Sky Golem will ultimately look like in action once Patch 5.4 is released? Wonder no more! Check out this exciting Youtube video of the Sky Golem in all it's untamed glory:

How to Get It

Now you are probably wondering how exactly you can get your hands on one of these little beauties and I do not blame you. As mentioned above, the Sky Golem can only be crafted by those of the Engineering profession. While it has not been confirmed, it is pretty easy to assume that only high level Engineers will be able to craft this mount.

Other than being an Engineer, the mount will cost 30 Living Steel and 30 of Jard's Peculiar Energy Source. Sounds easy right? Wrong! Living Steel is a reagent transmuted by Alchemists from 6 Trillium Bars. However, this transmute can only be done once a day by any one Alchemist.

As for Jard's Peculiar Energy Source, little is known. Originally this item was set to be launched in Patch 5.2, however it was pulled and is now currently back in place for release with Patch 5.4. How this item will be obtained remains a mystery. With that being said, it appears that many new Engineering schematics introduced in Patch 5.4 will require this reagent including Pierre, Advanced Refrigeration Kit, and Rascal-Bot.

Living Steel


The Sky Golem is exactly the thing that Engineering needs to revitalize it. Not since the introduction of the chopper mounts has this profession been so exciting. Hopefully the Sky Golem is just the first step in a series of useful and worthwhile schematics that we will see pumped into this often faltering profession. Despite the awesomeness of the Sky Golem, we must keep in mind that Patch 5.4 is still in the testing phase. This means that any information provided about this mount could change before the release of this patch. Let us all hope that if anything if changes are made they are only to make this super cool mount even better. Keep your fingers crossed!

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