Top 5 Excuses to go AFK in World of Warcraft

Five of the best excuses used when players go AFK in World of Warcraft.


Nothing is more annoying in a raid or 5-man instance than when a player goes AFK. Especially when they seem to happen at a most inconvenient time. However, despite an AFK's tendency to cause annoyance in other players, they can also be the source of great amusement.

You see, you just never know what the reason will be for the AFK, but you can bet that you will come across some doozies along the way. Cat on fire, wife won't get me a beer, and the classic; have to poop, are just a few laughter inducing AFK excuses. Below you will find five more of our favorite AFK excuses that we have ever seen in World of Warcraft. Enjoy!


This AFK may not seem very entertaining at first, but let me set the scene for you. Imagine you are back in classic WoW, ready to pull Garr and his Firesworn. You have the healers set, the tanks assigned targets and you make the precarious pull. Just as the boss and his servants are running towards you, a message comes across the screen...AFK SHOWERING!. In your head you are thinking that this can't be serious, but the person goes AFK and stays AFK for the rest of the boss fight plus some trash pulls afterward. Not much is said about it, but you are left to wonder why the shower was so important. Can anyone be THAT stinky?

AFK...Crazy Cat Antics

Cats are crazy creatures and they tend to get up to some pretty spectacular stunts, especially while you are trying to raid or run an instance. Over the years I have seen many AFK messages centering around cats and thus cat antics has earned it's own category here. Some of my favorite cat AFK messages include a cat peeing on the keyboard, another cat that knocked over his owner's monitor while trying to chase the mouse, and finally at one point in time one player had the misfortune to have his cat kick the bucket during a raid. All in all, cats can cause mass amounts of AFKs in the most amusing ways.

Black Tabby Cat


While I try not to make fun of the kids who play World of Warcraft that still are under the control of their parents, sometimes it just can't be helped. There is just something about that whiny kid voice coming over vent and saying “AFK guys, Mom is making me clean my room” that makes other players giggle at the youngsters misfortune. Sure it might be mean, but you try to keep your cool next time someone tells you they need to go afk so they can beg their mom for more internet time. If you are anything like me, you will likely be unable to avoid finding the humor in it.

AFK...Wife Aggro

After playing WoW for years and having experienced more wife aggro AFKs than I can count, I have never been more glad that my wife is also a gamer. From wife is naked and staring at me to wife has a baseball bat and is giving me evil looks, I have heard just about everything when it comes to wife aggro. My all time guilty favorite was when a fellow raider afked due to wife aggro and accidentally left his mic queued and his wife's wrath was projected through vent. The experience was one I (and the rest of the raid) will never forget.


You would think that fire would be a rather rare occurrence. However, it seems in my experience things around World of Warcraft players tend to spontaneously combust at an alarming rate. Things that you would never imagine could catch fire do when it comes to excuses for being AFK. Fish bowls, tables, and even pets are just a few of the things I have seen players claim have been in flames. While I know that most of these are less than serious, the creativity behind them never fails to give me a chuckle.

Fire in Orgrimmar

That concludes my top five AFK excuses ever seen in World of Warcraft. What are some of the best AFK excuses you have seen in game? Share them with us in the comment section below!

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