Top 5 Reasons to Opt for a BlizzCon 2013 Virtual Ticket

Five reasons why a Virtual Ticket may be more appealing than actually attending BlizzCon 2013.

BlizzCon 2013

BlizzCon, the pinnacle of everything Blizzard, is fast approaching. Thousands of gamers will make the journey to California where they will ultimately spend two days jammed packed with epic experiences. Unfortunately, not all of us Blizzard fans will be able to come up with the time or money to make the trek. Not to mention, for the more reclusive among us, the idea of BlizzCon is just one big turn off.

While it may seem like all these reasons would mean we must miss out on the BlizzCon experience entirely, that simply isn't true. Fans may experience many of the wonders of BlizzCon 2013 by purchasing a Virtual Ticket and the kicker is, you may actually find that you prefer the Virtual Ticket option over actually attending the event. Wondering how this could be possible? Check out five excellent reasons why below:

No Crowds

BlizzCon is a two day event that takes place in the Anaheim Convention Center. It is undoubtedly a pretty big place, until you fill it with thousands upon thousands of excited Blizzard fans. Then the center starts to feel rather small indeed. It is easy to become frustrated and even a little claustrophobic in this situation and it is likely that your rage level may begin to rise as getting from point A to point B takes ten times longer than it should. Pushing through crowds is never fun, in any situation.

Purchasing a BlizzCon Virtual Ticket will allow you to skip the crowds since you will be watching it from the comfort of your own home. No pushing, no shoving, no annoying people standing and chatting in the middle of a busy intersection. What could be better than that?

BlizzCon 2011 Crowd

Watch Everything, Anytime

While attending BlizzCon there may come a time when two panels that you really want to attend are happening at the same time, are filled, or you somehow managed to miss because you had to go to the bathroom. This can be a real bummer that can be totally resolved with the BlizzCon Virtual Ticket. All panels at BlizzCon are viewable by those who purchase the Virtual Ticket and you can watch them even after they have already taken place. So you can get up, go to the bathroom, visit your Aunt Margret, whatever you need to do and come back and watch the panel of your choosing at your convenience, even after BlizzCon is over!

Exclusive Goodies

One of the major perks of attending the convention is the goodies that you collect while there. I know the first time I saw the BlizzCon murloc pet from years past I was more than little envious. While you may not be getting any t-shirts, the Virtual Ticket will allow you to access all BlizzCon 2013-exclusive in-game goodies. The goodies will be linked to the account used to purchase the ticket and will be given out shortly after the show begins. Still want that t-shirt? Those who purchase the Virtual Ticket will be able to take part in an exclusive merchandise sale that will take place in the weeks before the show.

Replays FTW

I already touched on this briefly before, but when purchasing a Virtual Ticket for BlizzCon you can watch all the action again, and again, and again. This is not possible for those who are actually attending the show. Once the panel is over, the panel is over for them. With a Virtual Ticket you can go back and re-expereince an particularly awesome question and answer or check out that really cool costume. With a Virtual Ticket you will never miss a moment of any of the important action at BlizzCon 2013.

BlizzCon 2011 Panel

No Strings Attached

If you've been paying attention, you will have noticed by now that the best part of a BlizzCon Virtual Ticket is the convenience. There is no need for a lengthy journey, a hotel stay, dropping large amounts of cash, or picking a choosing which panels you want to watch. With a Virtual Ticket you can watch the convention in the place of your choosing, whenever your heart desires. If you want to watch the entire convention from the comfort of your living room sans pants, you can do just that. No one will be kicking you out for not wearing pants (unless your spouse is very unforgiving). With a BlizzCon Virtual Ticket there really are no strings attached.

That completes our list of the top 5 reasons you should opt for a BlizzCon Virtual Ticket. While a Virtual Ticket may not get you the entire experience of BlizzCon, it will get you darn close and will be without many of the hassles that go along with attending such a popular convention. Learn more about Virtual Tickets by checking out the BlizzCon 2013 Virtual Ticket FAQ page.

Will you be purchasing a Virtual Ticket rather than attending this years show show in person? Why or why not? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!

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