Top 5 BlizzCon 2013 Predictions

Five predictions that we would like to see come true at BlizzCon 2013.


Tickets for BlizzCon 2013 are sold out. Going on sale for the first time in April the tickets, as happened in previous years, went to the eager purchasers with the fastest fingers. Besides being an exciting event, BlizzCon 2013 is extra special because this is the first BlizzCon that fans have had to wait two years for. Always filled with announcements, previews, and other goodies, this delay has left fans practically chomping at the bit to find out exactly what this convention will hold.

While we can't say for sure what goodies BlizzCon 2013 has in store for us, we can make some (hopeful) guesses. Check them out below:

Top 5 BlizzCon 2013 Predictions

World of Warcraft Expansion

Would Blizzard really announce two expansions at BlizzCon? My answer is absolutely. Patches for World ofWarcraft: Mists of Pandaria are rolling out at a ferocious pace. With each patch we see Garrosh's downfall coming closer and closer.WhileMists of Pandaria has been an excellent expansion, anyone can see that its days are growing short. It won't be long till raids are knocking on his door for the final boss fight of the expansion. BlizzCon is the perfect time to announce the next WoW expansion to give players something to look forward to as Mists of Pandaria reaches it's climatic end.

Hearthstone Preview

Hearthstone is the newest game announced by Blizzard and one that has caused quite a buzz. A totally online strategy card game, it has the potential to break into a market that is fairly untapped. While the game has only just been announced, we can surmise that there has likely been tons of work already done on the game. With this in mind, we can reasonably guess that Hearthstone will be available for players to demo at BlizzCon, even if the game is still rather raw and uncut.


Unveiling of Project Titan

If you couldn't tell....I expect great things out of BlizzCon 2013. It has been two years since BlizzCon was held and I think that to make up for the missed time Blizzard will likely make this convention something we all will remember. That iswhy I believe that BlizzCon 2013 will be the perfect setting for the unveiling of Project Titan, the super secret MMO project that Blizzard has been working on for years. While it may seem like excitement overload considering my other predictions, I really believe that this BlizzCon will be extra special. Fans are hungry for news and this will be the perfect punch of awesome to help round out the convention.

Diablo III Expansion

Diablo is now almost a year old and players are dying for an expansion pack to continue the story. Thus far there has been little talk about an expansion, but we all know in our hearts it is coming. BlizzCon 2013 is the perfect place to announce this expansion, with as much to do about it as possible. Assuming that the company has already been working on the expansion without actually announcing it, we will also hopefully be provided with some sneak peaks into what Blizzard has in store for the Diablo universe. I know I am crossing my fingers.

Diablo 3 Classes

Warcraft Movie Trailer

By now we have all heard about the World of Warcraft movie. First announced all the way back in 2006, it seemed for awhile this project would likely be abandoned. However, recently new life has been breathed into the film and it looks like things are picking up again. While some might think it is a long shot, I feel like there is a pretty good chance we may see a Warcraft movie trailer at BlizzCon 2013. Now I am not talking a lengthy trailer, not at all. It will likely be more along the lines of a 1 minute teaser trailer. However, it will just be enough to get Warcraft fans chomping at the bit to see this project finally completed. Popcorn anyone?

That concludes our predictions for BlizzCon 2013. As you can see, we are expecting some pretty big things from BlizzCon 2013 and even if none of the above predictions come true, we likely won't be disappointed with what the convention has in store for us. What exciting things do you think will happen at this years convention? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below!

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