Top 5 Things We'll Regret Saying Goodbye to from Cataclysm

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A brand new World of Warcraft expansion pack is on it’s way and Cataclysm, like Burning Crusade and Wraith of the Lich King, will become but a memory. In Cataclysm the game world we knew was changed forever and we were introduced to a mega-boss whose sheer evil rivaled that even of the Lich King. While the expansion may not have panned out as many of us had wished, there are still at least a few things that we will regret having to say goodbye along the way.

I’ve never been shy about stating my lack of love for Cataclysm. Sure it wasn’t a horrible expansion, but I just couldn’t fall in love with it like I had expansions past. However, despite this, when I gave myself the chance, even I was able to sit back and compile a list of the things I would actually regret saying goodbye to from this particular expansion. Check out the results of my contemplations below:

Top 5 Things We Will Regret Saying Goodbye to from Cataclysm

5. Login Screen

I know this sounds really corny, but the truth is I love Cataclysm’s log in screen. There is just something thrilling about watching Deathwing come alive on the walls of Stormwind while I type in my username and password. While the Mists of Pandaria login screen is certainly easy on the eyes with its majestic Pandaren statues and amber and golden trees standing in the mists, it just cannot beat the sight of a half crazed dragon bent on the utter destruction of the world. For me at least, the Cataclysm login screen stirred a primal emotion in me, a lust for adventure that made my heart leap every time I saw Deathwing clench his claws and roar and I will be more than a little sorry to see it go.

4. A Real “Bad Guy”
There is nothing quite like staring Deathwing in the face while logging in.

If don’t know it already, Mists of Pandaria, unlike all the expansions before it, will have no “mega boss”. That’s right, there will be no Ragnaros, Kil’jaeden, Lich King, or Deathwing for the Alliance and Horde to rally against. Instead the Horde and Alliance will turn upon each other and wage a war that has been a long tiem coming. While this prospect has great potential I cannot help feeling a little remorse that there will be no big bad guy to really get my blood flowing.

From the minute I was introduced to the likes of the Lich King and others like him I knew that eventually I would have his head on a pike. The moment I stood before the boss in question ready to take him on was pure bliss. I am positive that Mists of Pandaria will have more than a few things to offer to get my bloodlust going, but I still regret having to say goodbye to the big baddies that we are so used to. World of Warcraft without a real focal end game boss just feels a bit…empty…to me.

3. Fresh Leveling Zones

If you are like me and love to level alts until you actually dream the leveling process in your sleep, then Cataclysm was a refreshing change from the norm. Cataclysm rocked the world and changed zones in ways we had never seen before. Thanks to this upheaval, we got brand new quest lines in old zones making them feel brand new and making us want to read the quest text instead of just mindlessly clicking through it. Sure there were some zones that turned out to be a little on the tedious side, however, overall it was a nice change of pace to see some fresh faces and quests on our leveling adventures.

While the new look and quests aren’t going anyplace in Mists of Pandaria, the newness that once was will certainly be gone. Sadly, Mists of Pandaria will offer no major shake up of the preexisting story line (at least that we know of) and we will find ourselves spending this expansion grinding through what will have become the same old, same old. Pandaria will offer some reprive from this, however, after level 10 new Pandaren will find themselves thrust into one of the already preexisting zones to continue their leveling experience. Fresh feeling zones and quests are something that I will miss dearly indeed.

2. New Talents Every Level
With a new talent given only every 15 levels, things will feel a little less exciting as we level up.

As we all know in Mists of Pandaria we will be introduced to a new talent system that has significantly fewer talents than we are used to. Talents will be distributed at 6 different level brackets, once every 15 levels, and the rest of the time players will find themselves waiting eagerly for when they will again get to choose one measly talent out of three. While this big change has all been done in the name of fun and fair play (which I completely stand behind), I will miss the days when each level brought one or more exciting new talents that left me with a feeling of accomplishment.

I know it may sound like a small change, but there was always a thrill in gaining new skills and deciding which one you were going to place talent points into then finding that this new talent has made a world of difference for your character. In Mists of Pandaria all this will be gone, instead players will have to grin and bear the monotony 15 levels at a time until they are finally allowed to choose a cool new ability. While the point system is more psychological than anything and I won‘t miss being forced to place talent points just because it is the “right“ way, I will still regret saying goodbye to this Cataclysm feature.

1. Focus on End Game

Leveling up through World of Warcraft we all have one thing on our minds, focusing on the end game. This could either mean PvP or Raiding depending on your personal preference, but thus far this is what the game has focused. Cataclysm has followed this mold pretty well with only a few distractions (Plants vs. Zombies anyone?) along the way. Each Cataclysm patch has reflected this feel of being about the end game, however, things are set to change in Mists of Pandaria.

With the introduction of battle pets, unlimited dailies, lore hunting, fishing and farming factions, and much more combined with all that WoW already has to offer I am willing to bet that we will find many people who just can’t be bothered with the end game anymore. Why deal with the stress of raids or PvP when you can just chill back and play Pokemon or Farmville? Hopefully despite the slew of new mini content, the patches will still hold tons of new end game PvP and PvE content, however, even that may not be safe. I will without a doubt miss the Cataclysm days when World of Warcraft wasn’t just one big mini-game.

As the curtain slowly falls on Cataclysm I wonder if anyone else also has anything they will miss about Cataclysm. What are some of your favorite and least favorite things about this expansion? What will you regret saying goodbye to the most? Do you think a year from now you will find yourself yearning for the “good ole days” of Cataclysm? Feel free to share your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below!

As the curtain slowly falls on Cataclysm I wonder if anyone else also has anything they will miss about Cataclysm. What are some of your favorite and least favorite things about this expansion? What will you regret saying goodbye to the most? Do you think a year from now you will find yourself yearning for the “good ole days” of Cataclysm? Feel free to share your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below!

I agree on all 5. But about 2 would like to add that this is terible - really terrible - idea not getting some point at every level. MAJOR fun while leveling is getting some candy EVERY level. Totaly disappointed. Already Wow is no longer my main game as it was for years, now is swtor, and such, imo of course, mistakes will make subs drop for wow even more. Sure not only for this, but when you are adding negatives one after another ..... Is the first time after original Wow that I'm not holding my breath while barely waiting for next expansion. Sure will buy and play, but not sure if will level all my 10 alts to new max level this time. Sad.

I don't know what cata expansion you have been playing but in my version talent points came every other level not every level. Also, lots of these talent points were filler points to you got enough to get the truly good ones unlocked. I like that every 15 levels truly big talents are coming versus all those wasted ones( which most are becoming already known skills ).

I think they said Garrosh Hellscream would be the final boss as both factions realize his growing desire for strength

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